pricing & turnaround policies


These policies specify certain actions prohibited by Mindwatering for users of our services. Mindwatering reserves the right to modify these policies at any time to stay in compliance with any laws, regulations and security requirements. By using Mindwatering services, any client, employee, or third-party unconditionally accepts the terms of these policies.

Standard turnaround for Mindwatering services are 72 hours (approximately 3 non-holiday, business days) unless otherwise stated. Large projects may require additional turnaround time. Most small tasks are completed within 24-48 hours.

For print output turnaround times, actual turnaround from when Mindwatering gives the print vendor the final files to when job is output is generally an industry-standard 7-10 business days. Please note that this turnaround is out of the control of Mindwatering. Any delays in turnaround once the job(s) are out to print is the responsibility of the print vendor. Jobs going to print around holidays or excessively busy production periods with the print vendor may incur a delay. Mindwatering will not be held responsible for any consequences a client may have if their jobs are delayed at the print vendor.

Mindwatering's normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM, EST. Mindwatering observes most standard US holidays. Services rendered by Mindwatering outside of this scope, particularly weekends and holidays, will be subject to rush fees, and billed accordingly.

All rates are in US currency. See Discounted Rates below for larger project and bulk time rates.

Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design: The rate is $95 per hour for desktop publishing and graphic design. This includes logos, letterhead, business cards, apparel artwork, slide backgrounds, posters/banners, web/website graphics (including website graphic interface), and similar projects. Per below, the actual website development - the "back end" - is a separate rate from the site graphics.

Development: The rate for development is $150 per hour. This includes IBM Notes/Domino consulting, application development, and website development.

Other Consulting: All other hourly consulting services are $125 per hour. This includes IBM Notes/Domino, MS Exchange, and LINUX/UNIX administration.

Training & Instruction: Training and instruction are factored on a daily rate, dependent upon the number of students, textbooks needed, and applicable travel costs.

Voice Work & (Non-Band/Album) Soundtracks: South Main Studio's rate for custom soundtracks and voice work for phone systems, training videos, promotional ads, and websites is $40 per hour, minimum 1 hour. We also offer package rates for these specific sound recording services. Please ask.

Hosting: Rates for hosting services varies according to the type of hosting requested (see for more information).

Archival: Archive and retrieval of past jobs is $30 per hour (although all jobs upon completion are archived for you, at Mindwatering, free-of-charge the first time). Mindwatering archives all final production files in case Client misplaces files, or needs them again after the project is completed. Should Client request files from archive after project is completed, then standard Mindwatering archival rates apply of $30.00 per hour, billable in 15 minute increments. Most materials can be retrieved from archive in 15 minutes or less.

Standard turnaround times are indicated for all Mindwatering services. Anytime we can complete your job sooner than standard, we will be happy to do so. However, if you must have a job sooner than the standard turnaround time, and we cannot accommodate you within normal business hours, rush charges will be applied as follows:

Faster than 1/2 standard turnaround times have a 100% rush charge.

Weekend rush work will be billed an opening fee of $150 per hour/per person rate with a two-hour minimum (i.e. $300).

Long-term IBM Notes/Domino consulting contracts of 3 or more continuous, full-time weeks, or clients wanting to prepay a block of consulting time qualify for a discounted rate.

Mindwatering offers a discount of 10% on web design and site development for non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) IRS status. Hosting costs are invoiced at our standard rates, at the Mindwatering.NET site.

We accept cash, certified check/money order, *VISA, and *MasterCard. We do accept Discover or American Express if made through Paypal.

Convenient and secure online payments are available on this website.

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: Credit card payments made before 6 PM, EST are counted paid on that day. Payments made after 6 PM are counted toward the next business day.

*All credit card payments must originate from a US banking institution, unless made through Paypal.

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