Assured Data Protection Backup and Recovery

UNITRENDS with Mindwatering

Comprehensive, all-in-one backup and
recovery software solutions offering data
protection and continuity for both your
physical server farm and the three major
virtual infrastructures (VMware vSphere,
MS Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer).


Mindwatering partners with Unitrends
for backup and recovery our clients who need
on-site and cloud integrated for data protection,
disaster recovery, and recovery assurance.

Contact Mindwatering for your company's
backup and recovery protection needs

Mindwatering offers professional service and technical assistance in installation, configuration, and monitoring of UVB (Unitrend Virtual Backup) and UEB (Unitrends Enterprise Backup) client environments on VMware vSphere environments. UNITrends offers both physical server backup and virtualized environment backup, with software and hardware appliance technology to local backup (storage) or cloud storage.

Mindwatering is also an Unitrend reseller.

How much protection do you need ?

Loss of Operations
Certified DR and
Continuous Recovery
Loss of Site Location
Virtual DR
Virtual to Virtual Replication
Loss of Physical or
Virtual Server
Disk(s) Image Recovery
Bare Metal Recovery
Full VM Recovery
Loss of Specific
Application, Data,
or Service
Single or Multi-file OS-level Recovery
Based on Unitrend's Drowning in Data, How to Back up More Than You Can Resource

Products and Solutions Include:

- Recovery-Series: purpose-built backup and restoration physical rack appliances.

- Unitrends Enterprise Backup™: web-based and virtual software based appliance for backup and restoration. For really small virtualized environments ( 1TB maximum w/ local storage, or 1.5TB w/ an included cloud special offering), UNITRENDS offers UNITRENDS Free virtual appliance which includes unlimited number of VMs and process host sockets for vSphere and Hyper-V VM backup. It also can protect physical server "assets".

- Unitrends Cloud Backup for data protection backup and restoration (with multiple cloud storage options with both Unitrends Clound and third party clounds), Cloud DR (Disaster Recovery).