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Advanced Anti-spam / Anti-virus Filtering,
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Securence is a comprehensive incoming and outgoing mail filtering device. For the technical folks, it functions as a mail gateway appliance in the cloud. For the nontechnical folks, it solves a host of business needs from the basic anti-spam, anti-virus incoming e-mail protection, to email data protection and management for disaster redundancy, regulatory archiving, and custom outgoing e-mail headers and footers for branding or privacy / legal messages.

Solutions Include:

  • Inbound Filtering
  • Outbound Filtering (add-on)
  • CypherMail Solution (add-on)
  • Email Archiving (add-on)
  • Email Continuity (add-on)
  • and more . .

Feature Sets

Advanced Spam Blocking & Monitoring deploys the largest signature-based spam detection platform in the industry with 15 layers of anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing filtering, using the most advanced methods of detection.

Email Shadowing – an industry exclusive, redelivers any inbound email received in the past 120 days, assuring delivery and fast recovery of any missing or deleted message. Emails in the shadow interface are stored in a secure and encrypted state with restricted access.

Email Server Monitoring - Always be the first to know if your email server is down. Securence sends email to your mail server every five minutes (configurable). If email fails its return trip to Securence in a pre-designated timeframe, we will alert the administrator via text messaging that the server is having issues processing mail.

Email Cloning / Message Forwarding - For complete versatility depending on your organization’s email needs, forward any user’s email to a different email address with an option to include the original address.

Advanced Routing facilitates easy and seamless email migration, delivering an individual email address to one server and the rest of the email addresses at that same domain to another mail server.

LDAP and Active Directory Integration with Single Sign-On. Sync user email addresses from your existing directory structure to Securence. This allows for single sign-on and easy management of users and administrator interface as well as policy compliance.

Email Queuing - If a mail server or Internet connection fails, incoming mail
is queued for 30 days, which will automatically be delivered once normal operations resume.

Spam Quarantine - Securence stores messages identified as spam and provides a secure 120-day quarantine, which is accessible by administrators and end users. Additionally, provides end user email digests for personal quarantine management.

Dynamic Spam Digest - Users can elect to receive up to 24 partial spam digests per day in addition to the full day digest at any time they choose, fully configurable on a user-by-user basis.

Message Trace Logs - Administrators can perform searches for any inbound or outbound message. Once located, easily retrieve entire SMTP detailed transaction logs. Key for troubleshooting and identifying issues associated within message delivery.

Email Footers and Headers - Easy and flexible creation of custom messaging at the top or bottom of every email sent by the organization, such as policy-based signatures and legal notices. Available per user or per domain.

Per User Routing allows email from an individual user account to be sent to different IP addresses than the primary delivery IP address for a particular domain.

Plus Addressing allows a user to append a tag to his email addresses to include other allowable versions of the address (e.g., where is the main address, and or would also be accepted). Common use is when a website requires an email address, i.e. user would use

Character Set filter allows filtering based on mime character sets, can be used to block non-English or block all English character sets for enhanced filtering.

Static Outbound routing - A Domain can be setup to "Smart host" or route to an additional tier of messaging service. This allows Securence to be part of an existing tier of message flow.

Priority delivery queue - A mailbox or end user be can set up with priority delivery. In the event a downstream server is not responding Securence will queue the mail. When the downstream server returns to service Securence will deliver to all priority mailboxes and end users first.

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