URL to Open a Document without Using/Specifying a View

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/17/2000 at 04:49 PM


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By M. S. Biju
Santa Clara, California, USA

If you are using Domino version 4.6 or above, you can construct a URL for opening a document, even if you don't have a view which displays the document. You need to know the document's unique document ID. @DocumentUniqueID provides it. This will not work on versions prior to Domino 4.6.

The syntax of the URL is:

@URLOpen ("/path/dbname.nsf/<GiveAnyNameHere>/documentid?OpenDocument")

Where path specifies the location of the database, dbname.nsf is the database file, and documentid is the unique document identifier of the document.

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