Roles / Buttons not Working for Hide/When Formulas in View Buttons or Form Buttons/Actions

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 03/06/2000 at 03:34 PM


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If you are having problems with a person group, try changing the person group to a person.
For Example "*/Mindwatering" as a "person" rather than "person group".
(There is the danger that if you have a person named "*", there would be a conflict. See below.)

I have seen problems such as the one the other day where you had listed */Wake County as a person group. It did not allow anyone access because it was looking for someone in the NAB with the name "*" with Wake County as the certifier. When we changed it to person it worked like a charm. I'm not sure that you won't see a similar problem the next time people authenticate with the server. The person vs person group would allow a person named "Web Developer Group" to access the server individually as if he was a member of that group. I don't see that happening either. I just wanted you to be aware of the possible problems you might encounter.

Thanks Kevin for taking care of it.

So basically, for example, if we ever have a person named "Web Developer Group", the database could get confused between the user and the group. I get it. Since I am not planning on such a specific user, it shouldn't come up.


I have made the requested changes. I'm not sure that you won't have problems making person groups as type person. The type piece prevents servers and people from having the same name and accessing the database in the same way.

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