Separate the "STG" Graphics from the Real Attachments in

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 09/10/2001 at 08:30 AM


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Title: Separate the "STG" graphics from the real attachments in

This tip was submitted by Dan Frazer, a developer network manager in
Harrogate, UK.

I've been trying to use @AttachmentNames in a column to show all the
attachments in a document. The problem is @AttachmentNames also shows
the "STG-Graphic" associated with the Icon of the attached file. This
quick formula filters out all the associated Icon graphics and leaves
you with just the "FilesNames".

var_AttachNames := @AttachmentNames + "?#?";
var_STGNumbers := @Trim( @Middle( var_AttachNames ; "STG" ; "?#?" )
var_STGNames := @If ( var_STGNumbers != "" ; "STG" + var_STGNumbers
; "" );
@Trim( @Replace(@AttachmentNames; var_STGNames; "" ) );

END CODE,289483,sid4_gci760058,00.html

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