vSphere ESXi Host Set Core Dump and Log Location

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/25 at 10:08 PM


Host Configuration

No Coredump Target Has Been Configured. Host Core Dumps Cannot Be Saved
System logs on host myhost.mindwatering.net are stored on non-persistent storage

Coredump Solution:
Set the dump location for ESXi Host:
1. Login to the ESXi host via SSH:
# ssh root@myhost.mindwatering.net

2. Create the location:
[root@myhost:~] esxcli system coredump file add
[root@myhost:~] esxcli system coredump file list
Path Active Configured Size
------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------- ----------
/vmfs/volumes/1234-5678-1234-5678/vmkdump/9876-5432-1234-4321-87654321.dumpfile false false 3794796544
[root@myhost:~] esxcli system coredump file set --smart --enable true

3. Verify:
[root@myhost:~] esxcli system coredump file list
Path Active Configured Size
------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------- ----------
/vmfs/volumes/1234-5678-1234-5678/vmkdump/9876-5432-1234-4321-87654321.dumpfile true true 3794796544

Non-Persistent Storage:
1. Login the vSphere HTML5 Web Client.

2. Navigate to the Host and Clusters view, select the host, and update.
a. Inventory view --> Hosts and Clusters icon (1st one) --> Datacenter --> Cluster
b. Select host myhost.mindwatering.net
c. Select Configure tab.
d. Under the System (heading) --> choose Advanced System Settings
e. Check the following locations, and click Edit to update as needed.
- Syslog.global.logDir
- - Change [] /scratch/log to include the datastore name inside the brackets. e.g. [MWHostLocal2]/scratch/log
- ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation
- - Note the hexadecimal Volume, e.g. 1234b310-9876678c-ab92-abc69f5a27ab. Now go to the Datastores. See if the hexadecimal value for the datastore named in Syslog.global.logDir is the same.
f. After making any updates, click OK to save. If you have made a type, a warning will pop-up saying that "A specified parameter was not correct".
3. Reboot the host.

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