Repeated Prompting for Keychain Password for HCL Notes 11

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 02/12 at 09:30 PM


Using Lotus Notes
Password Management

After saving the password via Keychain with clicking the use Keychain checkbox, instead of Notes staying logged in, it re-prompts for the keychain every 15 minutes or so.
We have seen it after Notes has been uninstalled and re-installed, and after migrations to a new Mac with the migration occurring via Time Machine.

If your user password has just been reset by an admin, this is a different issue, because the password has not yet been synched between your new workstation password and the Keychain Access app, yet. See Apple document HT201609.

Quit HCL Notes.

Open the Keychain Access app:
Applications --> Utilities --> Keychain Access

Select the Login keychain entry in the top left navigator pane. (It is likely unlocked.) No lock it.
File --> Lock Keychain "login".
Afterwards, the login item will have a locked padlock icon.

Launch HCL Notes.

The keychain prompt will appear. Enter the Mac workstation user password.

Quit HCL Notes.

Launch HCL Notes. The password should now not be prompted.

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