Step-by-Step to Automate Replication For Local Client Databases
(So that it checks every so many minutes and updates).

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 01/27/2000 at 03:49 PM


Using Lotus Notes
Changing Preferences

This document assumes you have already created a replica.

Step by step to automate replication (so that it checks every so many minutes and updates).

Part One - Check the database's Replications Settings.

1. Open Notes client (don't mean to be demeaning. Just trying not to skip anything and wanted you to know where I am starting.)
2. Press the "Replicator" button on the left side toolbar. See figure one below.
3. The databases on the client that are set to replicate with a server are listed on this screen. See figure two below.
* The box at the left that is checked means it is included in the automatic replication set up for my Notes Client. (That schedule is set up in the location document.) I have multiple ID's that I use (depending which company I am working for at the moment. So my replication depends on which location/ID I am at a given time.)
* Here you can adjust your settings - low, medium, high and force an immediate replication.

4. To change it to high, (which is what the "!" means), right click the line. Choose "Replication Settings". On the settings dialog box, hit the "Other" button. Then choose the radio button desired. See figure three below.
5. Now, replication won't be automatic unless you also set your location document to "enable" replication.

Part Two - Setup the location to auto replication (turn on scheduling).

1. On the bottom lower right part of the client. Click on the Location section, that probably says "Office". It's just to the left of the mail tray icon. See figure Four.
Note: In version 6.x, you can now change the Replication settings directly from the replication tab.

2. Select "Edit Current" option to open the location settings in edit mode. (The locations and their settings are stored in the local client address book, by the way.)
3. Press the "Replication" tab. See figure five below.
4. If replication has never been turned on, both sections will say "disabled". Change both to "enable" like in mine. Then change the times and days it is needed. That's it.

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