How SMTP Works for Inbound & Outbound

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/15/1999 at 11:59 PM


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Mail Routing

Author: Matt Chant
Category: Domino Server -- Other
Release: Release 4

on 07/23/98 at 10:49 AM

Subject: RE: Domino as ISP SMTP Gateway for MailBagging?

Message Content:
Its probably easier to explain how the function works, and then you'll better see whats required.
When the "internet address lookup" option is enabled, the omsgcnv, when looking to convert a
Notes Address to an SMTP Address will initially lookup that Notes address in the NAB(s). If it
finds that person, it looks at the shortname field. If the Shortname field contains one or more
RFC821 style smtp addresses (localpart@domainpart) it will use the first one as the SMTP
address of that person, rather than following the conversion rules as layed down in the global
domain document. It will not care that the address may not match the Suffix list in the Global
domain document. Thus if my GDD said '' my shortname field could have and that's what will be on the SMTP message in place of my Notes Address.

For each recipient address, before the MTA looks at the Global Domain document to determine
whether or not this recipient is for this Global Domain, or if it may be a relay, it will look at the
RFC821 address and look it up in $Users in the NAB(s) if it finds a match, then it assumes that
this recipient is the Notes user defined in that person document.
Again, if I had in my Shortname field, and the MTA got a message that had RCPT
TO: <> (say, from a POP3 client on my network), the MTA will deliver the
message to my Notes Account, regardless of whether or not xyz/com was listed as a suffix in my
global domain document.

Note that the Outbound will pick the first entry in shortname with an '@' but inbound will receive
for any entry.

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