Domino 8 Pre & Post Upgrade Tasks When Upgrading from 6.5 and 7.x

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 01/14/2009 at 11:26 AM


Domino Upgrades / Installations
Software Upgrade

Before Upgrading:
Run fixup, updall, and compact to verify applications' integrity.
Fixup -f -j -v -l
nfixup -f -j -v -l (MS Windows or simply nfixup -F)

Note: If you get "Drive Not Ready" when running fixup or compact (below), you probably copied files over to a new server for the upgrade. Check and see if the app with this error is too small. (e.g. a 10mb app.nsf is only 1k instead). You need to recopy the app from the old/source server.

-f Exhaustive fixup, all documents are checked.
-j Include transaction logged databases. Without this option, fixup does not check logged databases.
-v Exclude database views (faster) for all views that will be rebuilt by updall later, no need to check view at this moment.
-l Log all processed databases (optional).

Updall -R -X
nupdall -R -X (MS Windows)

-R (Completely rebuilds the view indexes)
-X (Completely rebuilds the full text index, if the index exist)

Compact -c -i
ncompact -c -i (MS Windows)

-c Use copy-style compaction and recover unused white space
-i Ignore errors and allow compact to run anyway (only for copy-style)
If you are running transaction logging, be sure to use the -b switch. This is different than the upper case -B switch as -B will change the DBIID of any transactionally logged databases.

Update the notes.ini:

Remove the following lines:

If you want your Domino 8 server to use the new ODS add the following:

If you want your Domino 8.5 server to use the new ODS add the following:
(remove the CREATE_R8_DATABASES=1 entry)

For R9, use:

Upgrade the Server:

1. Upgrade an Admin Client
2. Upgrade your administrative server. (The one that is the administration server of the Domino - names.nsf.)
3. Do the immediate post upgrade tasks:
design -f names.nsf
design -f admin4.nsf
ndesign -f names.nsf
ndesign -f admin4.nsf

Note: the server will automatically rebuild the $Users and the $ServerAccess views. This can take quite a while on a large directory (15,000 users = approx 30 mins). You can do this off-line and then put your directory back into place right before you reboot it.

fixup names.nsf -f -j -v -l
fixup admin4.nsf -f -j -v -l
nfixup names.nsf -f -j -v -l
nfixup admin4.nsf -f -j -v -l

compact names.nsf -c -i
compact admin4.nsf -c -i
ncompact names.nsf -c -i
ncompact admin4.nsf -c -i

updall names.nsf -RX
updall admin4.nsf -RX
nupdall names.nsf -RX
nupdall admin4.nsf -RX

Note: For MS Windows Server 2012, you cannot use the command prompt anymore, you'll get an error that the domino executable (e.g. ncompact) cannot find the log file, log.nsf.
Use a PowerShell command like this:
PS d:\lotus\domino> .\ncompact.exe names.nsf -c -i

3. Replicate the directory.
Note: The 8.x design is safe back to 7.x and 8.x servers. Previous design servers should not be replicating the design. (We clicked the property to Update on Admin Server. We also don't have design task running nightly on the secondary servers.)

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