Making Normals from Image

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Abigail Black

Created: 10/06/2018 at 04:24 PM



Go to Blender Render
Shift +A -> Mesh -> Plane
Go into Edit Mode
Go into Top View
U -> Project from View (Bounds)
Go into Object Mode
Go to Properties -> Materials -> Create New
Diffuse = 1.000
Secular = .300
Go to Properties -> Textures -> Create New
Open -> Open image
Go to Properties -> Modifiers -> Subdivision Surface
View = 6
Render = 6
Select Single
Go to Properties -> Modifiers -> Displace
Select texture
Strength = .2

Split View
Go into UV Editing view
A to select all
Go to Properties -> Textures
Memorize image dimensions (e.g., 894 x 894)
Go to UV Editing View
Create new image
Width and Length equal to image dimensions
Rename (Untitled to [image title]_NormalMap)
Hit OK

Go to 3D View
T -> Shading -> Check Matcap
Select rainbow-purple-red-pink option
Go to Properties -> Modifiers -> Add Subdivision Surface
View = 3
Render = 2
Go to Properties -> Modifiers -> Add Subdivision Surface
View = 1
Render = 2

Go to Cycles Render
Shift +A -> Mesh -> Plane
G -> Drag on the Z axis until plane just above textured image
Give Matcap coloring
Go to Properties -> Object -> Display dropdown
Maximum Draw Type = Wire
Split View -> Node Editor
Shift +A -> Texture -> Image texture
Open (LEFT button) -> NormalMap
Go to 3D View
Go to Properties -> Render -> Bake dropdown
Bake Type = Normal
Check Select to Active
Ray Distance = .100
Go to UV Editor
Open Image NormalMap
Go to Properties -> Render -> Bake Dropdown -> Click Bake

Go to UV Editor
Go to Image -> Save as Image
Save to desired location

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