Framesets in R5 - Correct Loading Issue/Solution

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/04/2000 at 11:46 PM


Notes Developer Tips

Today's Developer tip comes from our own SearchDomino
community. Jay Herman, an IT manager for the
Electrohydraulics Business Unit of Sauer-Sundstrand, has
been involved with Notes implementation planning,
development, administration since 1996.

When I started developing in R5, I quickly adopted
framesets, outlines, and pages to provide a UI for my apps
similar to the R5 Mail template. However, if I created a
view link and used it, the view opened without the frameset
(resulting in the default view/folder list on the left
instead of my nice outline). There seemed to be other cases
where this would happen too. (I'm assuming you will have
already set the launch property for the database to "Open
designated frameset".)

I discovered that in order to have the frameset open when
you open a view from a link, the target frame for the view
must be named "NotesView". Once I assigned that name to the
frame, links to views opened the views in the desired

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