Clouds - Creating helicopter mist effect

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Abigail Black

Created: 05/30/2017 at 02:39 PM



Create a circle.

Add particle emitter.
Physics -> Fluid
Mass = roughly .220
Brownian = tweak as desired
Properties -> Physics -> Smoke -> 'Flow'
Flow Type = Smoke
Flow Source = Particle System
Particle System = [name of particle system]
Density = .0050

Add two force fields above the circle in a line -> give these two a 'point' shape.
Strength = 20
Add one force field below directly below the circle -> give this one a 'plane' shape.
Strength = 40

Create a cube -> times size as needed
Properties -> Physics -> Smoke -> 'Domain'

2 Attributes
1 Multiply (bottom Value = 7.5)
1 Volume Scatter (Anisotropy = 0)
1 Volume Absorption
1 Emission (Strength = 4)
2 Add Shaders
1 Mix Shader (Factor = .5)
1 Material Output
1 Transparent

Attribute "density"
Factor into Multiply top Value
Color into Emission Color AND Transparent Color
Value into Volume Scatter Density AND Volume Absorption Density
Attribute "color"
Color into Volume Scatter Color AND Volume Absorption Color
Emission into Mix Shader bottom Shader
BSDF into Mix Shader top Shader
Volume Scatter
Volume into Add Shader top Shader
Volume Absorption
Volume into Add Shader bottom Shader
Add Shader
Shader into Add Shader top Shader
Mix Shader
Shader into Add Shader bottom Shader
Add Shader
Shader into Material Output Volume

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