Trim Video and Add Logo Slug to Beginning of Video and Title and/or Credits Text

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 05/12/2020 at 04:09 PM



Take existing MP4 which requires some trimming. We need to trim off the old intro, trim off the content after a certain time, and add a new animation intro video.

1. Prerequisites:
Make sure that both videos are encoded the same way:
e.g. h264, 30 fps, 1920x1080 resolution, audio - aac stereo

Copied video to trim to the bin folder since ffmpeg has not been installed to the $Path variable:
$ cd /Volumes/Apps/Other Apps/ffmpeg2020/bin/

2. Perform trim:
The following command trims off first 10 seconds of the file DockerLearningWebinar1.mp4.
$ ./ffmpeg -ss 00:00:10 -i DockerLearningWebinar1.mp4 -codec copy DockerLearningWebinar1b.mp4

The following command trims off the video after the first 2 minutes and 48 seconds:
$ ./ffmpeg -ss 00:00:00 -t 00:02:48 -i DockerLearningWebinar1b.mp4 -codec copy DockerLearningWebinar1c.mp4

Create a list of the files to concatenate. Verify the contents.
(Use TextEdit or the vi console program to create the list.)
e.g. cliplist.txt
$ cat cliplist.txt
file 'dustrevcolor.mp4'
file 'DockerLearningWebinar1c.mp4'

Perform the concatenation w/o recoding:
$ ./ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i cliplist.txt -codec copy DockerLearningWebinar1Final.mp4

- This only works if both clips have video and audio, and they are the same formats.
- Warning: If there is no audio in the intro clip, then the whole video will have no audio.

2b. Concat Failure Workaround - Bring into Media Composer:
If the concat doesn't work, then do it the "long" way:
Open in Avid Media Composer, drop both the new intro and the trimmed mp4 in the timeline, and export again.
Open in Shotcut, drop both into the playlist, drag both into the timeline, and export again.

3. Add Title/Credits using the built in Titler:
a. Load your sequence/clip in the timeline.
b. Select the clip timeline location where to add the title.
c. Click the Titler+ icon in the Timeline.
d. In the Composer monitor (video area), a white box is displayed. Start typing your text to see it added into the box.
- - Double-click to select a text word typed
- - Triple-click to select an entire line of text.
- - Shift+left - select text left of cursor
- - Shift+right arrow - select text right of cursor
- - Shift + Home - select text to start of text
- - Shift + End - select text to end of text
e. In the Titler+ tool window, you can change text color, add a text shadow, switch fonts, and effects, such as bold, italics, kerning, skewing, and rotating text.
f. Drag the frame to move the title where it is desired.
g. Adding shapes is called a "graphic object". If you want a box, or circle, behind your text, click the square or circle icon on the right edge of the Avid Titler+ window.
- - Format the box or circle like you would the text, give it a fill color, drop shadow, etc.

Also, once you are done, you can do additional effects to your text using the Effect Editor.
- Place your cursor over the Title effect in your clip/sequence, select Tools > Effect Editor to add additional effects.

3 alt. Adding Rolling credits:
In the Effects Palette, the 4th option is add a rolling up effect.

3 alt. Adding Titles/Credit Text (with Titler Pro) at end of video:
In Avid Media Composer,
a. Navigate in the timeline to near the end of the video. (In our case we have a ending slug, as well with a static logo(s) image repeated.)
b. Go to the Effect Pallet.
- Locate NewBlue Titler Pro x/x.5.
- Drag-and-drop to either the ending video slug clip or an empty slice on the timeline.
- To open Titler Pro, go to the Effect Editor and click Launch Interface.

Misc Notes:
Titles can be blurry if resolution is too low from client videos. Check for Green/Green timeline quality.

Timeline Quality Setting:
- TV Screen icon.
- - Yellow: low quality
- - Half Yellow/Half Green: medium quality
- - Full Green: high quality

If there is a "x" showing, it is 10 bit.

Titler+ Changes in 2022.4 (or 22.4):
The following terminology changes in this release:
• Transform (previously Layer)
• Foreground (previously Global)
• Outline (previously Edge)
• Fill (previously Face)

Feature updates/changes:
- Improved Alignment options added (bottom right of the Avid Titler+ window)
- Grid button for layout now added (bottom left of the Avid Titler+ window)
- The = icon is the Save/Load user defaults (also bottom left)
- The Layers in the Effect Editor window have been updated and reorganized. The new Layer selection at top allows individual layer selection and editing.

See pages 6-8 in the What's new below:

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