Techniques to Not Send a Return Receipt When Viewing Mail

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/26/2000 at 11:18 PM


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Don't return to sender
The easiest way to read a Notes mail message without returning a receipt is to highlight the document in your Inbox view and click on the Reply with History button. Voila! The entire message is read into your "new" message. All that you need to do is read the message and then cancel it by pressing the Escape key.

Don't return to sender returns
Here's another idea. If you'd like to read email without returning the return receipt, you should first go to the user preferences screen by selecting Tools->User Preferences from the File menu in Lotus Notes. Once in that screen, scroll to the top of the Advanced Options window and make sure that the option for "Mark documents read when opened in preview pane" is not checked. Click on OK. You should restart Notes.

Now, just switch back to your mail file and open your Inbox. Select Document Preview from the View menu and ta-da--you're reading your mail and not sending any return receipts.

What do you think? Should this information be kept top secret from other users or is it more of a middle or bottom secret?

Return receipts: the final chapter
That last tip regarding suppressing return receipts created more responses than the old mailbox has ever received. Many faithful (and helpful!) readers sent in their work-around techniques. Most of them used a new view column to represent receipted messages or a server agent to remove the receipt flag. Out of all the mail we received, only one user took us to task for revealing these not so deep and not so dark secrets. The overwhelming consensus was that Iris needs to change Notes so that the receipts can't be this easily circumvented.

The most elegant solution (in my humble opinion) came in from Jeremy Jones. Jeremy's solution involves modifying the Queryopen event on your email Memo form in order to alert you if there's a return receipt on a message and to ask if you'd like to send the return receipt. To implement this tip, you will (of course) need a real Notes ID and not a desktop or mail ID file. Go into the design of your Memo form and paste the logic below into the Queryopen event. Save the form and away you go--without return receipts.

Sub Queryopen(Source As Notesuidocument,
Mode As Integer, Isnewdoc As Variant,
Continue As Variant)
Set uidoc = Source
Set doc = Source.document
Dim workspace As NotesUIWorkspace
Dim RR As Variant
Dim boxType As Long, answer As Integer
If uidoc.IsNewDoc Then
' don't do anything, as this is a new document ...
RR = doc.GetItemValue("ReturnReceipt")
If RR(0) = "1" Then
boxType& = MB_YESNO
answer% = Messagebox("Message configured for Return Reciept. Would you like to send a Return Receipt? (No will temporarily disable Return Receipt)", boxType&, "Continue?" )
If answer% = 7 Then
' determine if the user would like to return the receipt
doc.ReturnReceipt = "0"
Messagebox("Return Reciept disabled. No message will be sent")
'Call (True, True) enable this if you want to totally disable RR on this message
End If
End If
End If
End Sub

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