WS_FTP Setup w/ Mindwatering Web Hosting

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/28/2006 at 05:19 PM


Developer Setup

These instructions will help you configure your old WS_FTP (version 95 LE) client to access and transfer files with your Mindwatering hosted web site.
This program is not used much anymore except by us "old" ones. (We now use the newer Cute FTP and Core FTP which we like better.)

1. Start WS_FTP LE
2. After the program loads, the "Session Properties" dialog is displayed.
Hide details for Open for Steps 3 - 9Open for Steps 3 - 9
Sample Image for Steps 3 - 9

3. Click the "New" button on the right to add a new FTP site.
4. Beside the "Profile Name" label, enter a name for this FTP site. (e.g. My Domain).
5. Beside the "Host Name / Address" label, enter the URL of your web site. (e.g.
6. Beside the "User ID" label, enter your account login ID that Mindwatering gave you. (e.g. mydomain-jamedoe).
7. Beside the "Password" labek, enter your password given you with the ID. (Note this is case-sensitive!)
8. Check "on" the "Save Pwd" check box if you want it to remember your password.
9. Click the "Startup" tab at the top to continue to the next screen.
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Sample Image for Steps 9 - 12

10. Under the "Initial Remote Site Folder" label, add "/Sites/" into the field. (This saves you manually having to switch folders each time you logon to your web site.)
11. Under the "Initial Local Folder" label, add the local drive and folder path to your development site. (This saves you having to navigate to youf development folder to transfer files each time you logon to your web site.)
12. Click the "Advanced" tab at the top to continue to the next tab we will complete.
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Sample Image for Steps 13 - 14.

13. Check "off" the "Passive transfers" option. Your FTP transfers to Mindwatering will be much better with this off, not on.
14. That's it! Click "Apply" (just because I'm the Save-Save type.) and "OK".
After you click 'OK', the dialog will close and WS_FTP will make your first connection.

If you have any problems, simply call us or write us from our web site:

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