'Unsuccessful Notes Login' during Login to Notes Client

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 03/20/2009 at 10:31 AM


Using Lotus Notes
Password Management

This can happen for several reasons:
1. ID was deleted or moved.
2. Cache.ndk corrupted, delete.
3. Perform re-configuration wizard.

If you had replaced the id, you might have additional messages:
1. Notes 6.5 / Notes 7
"A different password is on another copy of your id file, you must change the password on this copy to match ".
This is because of Password Digest where the password is updated in the Person doc when ID is changed. If this id is older, change the password on the current id. If it is newer, reset the Password Digest field (Administration tab). Clear it and make the user change the password again through the Notes Client. That should repopulate the password digest field.

2. Any release
"Your certificate has Expired" when you access a server application/database.
You have expired. Have your administrator resign your expired id. Replace your ID with the new.
a. If you have ID recovery, you can resign the last one there. However, the password is not the same as the user's. It will also have to be password extracted before use.
b. Otherwise, you need to have the user send the ID via some other way to the Notes Administrator. You can use the "original" id from registration if a name change has happened.

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