We Got Chickens - Export to Photoshop to Website

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Author: Abigail Black

Created: 09/14/2018 at 01:02 PM



Export image as Transparent PNG to Pages
Plug iPad into laptop -> iTunes -> File Sharing -> select Export

Open Photoshop (For CS3 Open Java Preferences beforehand)
Open exported file
Image -> Scale Image -> 600 pixels

Go to Workspace
Abby -> We Got Chickens -> website images Photoshop file
Open in Photoshop

Drag scaled image layer into Photoshop PSD file's layer, from window to window.
Drag into position, aligning to center and top edge to another image's top. Then hide the old image.
Rename dragged layer to proper index numbe e.g. 10-Title.
Duplicate text layer -> Right click top corner of layer window, choose Duplicate Layer option). Rename with number and title

To save out the final JPG file, choose Save for Web on menu (or Export in later release), change the Preset from default GIF to JPG High. Click Save button and save to workspace with other files in Abby's chicken folder.

Go to Notes
Open We Got Chickens website
Go to comic gallery view -Photos.
Duplicate the last image imported (via copy-and-paste). Rename with number and title -> delete old image. Attach new image from workspace. Click Save and Close button.

Update the Home page computed text to new image.

Proof on web.

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