How to Make a Dragon prt 4 - Skeletonizing

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Author: Abigail Black

Created: 12/07/2015 at 12:21 PM



We left off finalizing our colorations of the dragon mesh. Now it's time to give our dragon a skeleton so it can move!

Go to View>Right
Move your mouse so that you're positioned with the hips of the dragon in center.
Hit Shift+A, then Armature>Single Bone.
In the right sidebar, go into the tab with the body image, then check the box marked X-Ray.
Move, rotate, and scale the bone until you have something looking like this:

Go into Edit Mode and select the narrow end of the bone.
Hit E to extend, which will sprout a new bone. Extend the new bone a little, then Left Click to stop. Continue creating new bones until you end up with this:

Then, at the head area, make bones to move the lower jaw and tongue;

Going back to the hip bone, create bones going down the tail;

Hit View>Top
At the top of the main hip bone, extend to the right.
Hit View>Right. Adjust the bone until it lines up with how a real bone should. Extend as needed until it looks somewhat like this:

Do the same with the other three legs.
Now, it should look like this:

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