Beginning a Book

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Abigail Black

Created: 11/20/2018 at 02:53 PM


Adobe Creative Suite

Open InDesign
Create New -> Document
Close popup start window

File -> Document Setup
Intent = Print
Number of Pages = number of pages in text document (if desired book page size is one printer paper sheet folded in half, times two number of pages)
Page Size = desired size (for printer paper folded in half = Letter - Half or Width: 5.5 x Height 8.5)
Hit OK

Go to the Toolbar -> Type Tool
Go to first page and click and drag to create a box. Scale to fit entire page.
Open text doc -> select all - copy all text
Go to InDesign -> paste in text box
Select all
Window -> Paragraph
Paragraph Style = Justify Left
Spacing between paragraphs = (refer to original text document. if spacing is 1, then spacing in InDesign also 1)
Uncheck Hyphenate box
Deselect all

Go to Toolbar -> click black arrow
On bottom right of text box, click on red plus
Drag to next page
Wait for InDesign to finish Autoflow

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