Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Abigail Black

Created: 10/05/2018 at 01:16 PM




Shift +A -> Mesh -> Cylinder
R - X - 90 to rotate on X axis 90 degrees
S - Shift+X to stretch on all axis except X
Go to Properties -> Physics -> Enable Collision
Shift +A -> Mesh -> Plane
S - 10 to scale larger
Go to Properties -> Physics -> Enable Collision
Drag cylinder so it is above the plane a short ways

Shift +A -> Curve -> Path
R - Z to rotate on Z axis until perpendicular to cylinder
Go to Properties -> Physics -> Enable Soft Body
Uncheck Soft Body Goal
Go into Edit Mode -> W -> Subdivide x3

Go to second layer
Shift +A -> Curve -> Circle
Go into Edit Mode
S to scale down
G to drag to upper right -> Shift +D to duplicate
Drag to other three corners
Go into Object Mode

Go to original layer
Select Curve
Go to Properties -> Curve -> Geometry dropdown
Bevel Object = BezierCircle
A to deselect

Shift+Click to show second layer
Select Circle -> S to scale until Curve is desired size

Go into Edit Mode
Select vertex at end
Proportional Editing on bottom toolbar = Enabled
Control+T - roll mouse ball to influence all of curve -> Twist until desired amount
Go into Object Mode

Go to Properties -> Physics -> Check Soft Body Self Collision
Adjust settings until satisfied



Shift +A -> Mesh -> Circle
In T toolbar, change 32 to 8
Go to Front View
R - 90
Go into Edit Mode
E - X - 3
A x2 -> Control +N
Control +R - Roll mouse until 2 pink lines
Go into Object Mode
Control +A -> Apply Rotation
Go to Properties -> Modifier -> Array
Relative Offset X = 10

Split View vertically
In one view, Node Editor
Add new Material
Shift +A -> Texture -> Image Texture
Image Tex Color output to Diffuse Shader Color input

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