LSX Transfer Code and Troubleshooting Hints

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 05/20/2002 at 02:36 PM


Notes Developer Tips
LSX (LotusScript Extensions/Connectors)

Notes.Net Excerpt.
Data Transfer using LSX from AS/400 to Notes.
Includes issues of connectivity, delete calls, and limits.

I finally got data transfer from an AS/400 to work...
Posted by Daryl Aschliman on 20.Apr.01 at 12:06 PM using a Web browser

Category: Domino Designer -- LS:DORelease: 5.0.4Platform: AS/400

I've spent the last number of days writing some data transfers from the AS/400 to Notes documents. I got stuck on a number of things and found answers here in Iris forum and in Notes help text. Simple things like integer overflow, setting ODBC cache limits to get ALL the rcds etc.

I don't know if its proper to attach code here, but I pasted the code for the agent here just in case some other novice LotusScript programmer is trying to do the same thing. This code would have saved me 3+ days of work....

Option Public
'-specify ODBC connector class. Can't run from client unless set up, can only run

' on server using log to see what's happenning

Uselsx "*lsxodbc"

Sub Initialize
'--------------------------CC Customer Contacts transfer-----------------------

'-catch all errors not monitored for at specific statements
On Error Goto Handler

' -Declare statements for Notes Session and document creation
Dim Session As New NotesSession

Dim db As NotesDatabase

Dim newDoc As NotesDocument

Dim ViewDoc As NotesDocument, NextDoc As NotesDocument

Dim View As NotesView

Set db = Session.CurrentDatabase

'-Misc variables

Dim countfetch As Integer, countdel As Integer, countadd As Integer
Dim countupd As Integer
Dim ischg As Variant

Dim NowDate As String

NowDate = Date$

'-Create list to store Notes document ids that were added or checked for update and shouldn't be deleted

Dim docidlist List As String

'-Define Log document

Dim logbody As String
Dim logDb As NotesDatabase

Dim logDoc As NotesDocument

Set logDb = Session.GetDataBase("AS400/myserver", "IS/AgentLog.nsf",False)

Set logDoc = New NotesDocument( logDb )

logDoc.Server = "Agent"
logDoc.Form = "Activity"

logDoc.StartTime = Now

'-Define ODBC usage. Open Connection to AS/400

Dim con As New ODBCConnection
Dim qry As New ODBCQuery

Dim fields As New ODBCResultSet

Set qry.Connection = con

Set fields.Query = qry

Call con.ConnectTo("S10mysysid", "NOTESusrprf", "notespassword")

logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_

& " Successfully connected to DB2/400" + Chr(10)

'-Set name of Notes view to use. Specify as/400 query and run it. Specify Name of Agent
' and save log document so if abend have something written, though error handler should complete it.
' --if view has more than one key column, define an array of type variant, which can hold either strings

' or numbers.

Dim Keys (0 To 1) As Variant 'view has 2 key columns

Set View = db.GetView("XferCC")

logDoc.Activity = "CC"

Call,True,True) 'force save, no conflict doc, no unread mark

qry.SQL = "Select * from mylib.lnsrcnt order by LfCus#, LcType"

'-fetch 100 rcds at a time, making the receiving cache plenty big. if it overflows, agent
' just ends as if nothing happened. Primitive!!

fields.cacheLimit = 200
fields.FetchBatchSize = 100

'-if query got no fields, abort with msg to log
If Not fields.Execute Then

logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_

& " SQL failed or returned no records!!" + Chr(10)

Goto Disconnect

End If

'-Define all query fields as string or long (numbers). If not done, will get 'NULL' for empty as/400 data and
' compares won't do anything, meaning blank as/400 fields won't erase Notes document fields
-actually, usaing all 'variant' is safer

Dim CmCustNo As Long

Dim CcType As String

Dim CmName As String

Dim CmCity As String

Dim CmRgn As String

Dim CmGrp As String

Dim CcName As String

Dim CcTypeD As String

Dim CcPhone As String

Dim CcPhoneExt As String

Dim CcFax As String

Dim CcPhone800 As String

Dim CcEmail As String

'turn on dubug here to log each rcd's key in log

Dim LogDebug As Variant
'LogDebug = True

LogDebug = False


'-loop to process all query rcds







countfetch = countfetch + 1

'-Build key for accessing Notes document in special view that exists for this transfer. Check to see
' if document exists and set add or update mode. If found, store Notes id in list to prevent deletion

CmCustNo = fields.GetValue("LFCUS#", CmCustNo)

CcType = fields.GetValue("LCTYPE", CcType)

Keys(0) = CmCustNo

Keys(1) = CcType

Set ViewDoc = View.GetDocumentByKey(Keys, True) ' true means exact match

If (ViewDoc Is Nothing) Then
UpdMode = "Add"


UpdMode = "Update"

docidlist(ViewDoc.NoteId) = ViewDoc.NoteId 'store in list to prevent deletion

End If


'-move all fields from query rcd to Notes document pgm fields
CmName = fields.GetValue("LFCNAM",CmName)
CmCity = fields.GetValue("LFCITY",CmCity)

CmRgn = fields.GetValue("LFRGN", CmRgn)

CmGrp = fields.GetValue("LFGRP", CmGrp)

CcName = fields.GetValue("LCCNAM", CcName)

CcTypeD = fields.GetValue("LCTYPED", CcTypeD)

CcPhone = fields.GetValue("LCPHN", CcPhone)

CcPhoneExt = fields.GetValue("LCEXT", CcPhoneExt)

CcFax = fields.GetValue("LCFAX", CcFax)

CcPhone800 = fields.GetValue("LCPHN800", CcPhone800)

CcEmail = fields.GetValue("LCEMAIL", CcEmail)


' ADD Mode. Write new document
If UpdMode = "Add" Then

Set newDoc = New NotesDocument( db )

'//chg specify Notes form
newDoc.Form = "FrmCnt"

'//chg specify all fields here
newDoc.CmCustNo = CmCustNo

newDoc.CcType = CcType

newDoc.CmName = CmName
newDoc.CmCity = CmCity

newDoc.CmGrp = CmGrp

newDoc.CmRgn = CmRgn

newDoc.CcName = CcName

newDoc.CcTypeD = CcTypeD

newDoc.CcPhone = CcPhone

newDoc.CcPhoneExt = CcPhoneExt

newDoc.CcFax = CcFax

newDoc.CcPhone800 = CcPhone800

newDoc.CcEmail = CcEmail

'-Compute the new doc to get all other fields created, save the new document,
' store id in the list of ok documents for use by delete step

Call newdoc.ComputeWithForm( False, False ) '1st has no meaning, do not gen any errors
Call, True, False) 'force save, no conflict docs, want unread mark

docidlist(newdoc.NoteId) = newdoc.NoteId 'store notes id to prevent deletion

'//chg put keys in log msg
If LogDebug = True Then logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_
+ " added: " & Str$(CmCustNo) + ", " + CcType + Chr(10)

countadd = countadd + 1

End If


' UPDATE Mode. Check each field and update only if something has changed

If UpdMode = "Update" Then

IsChg = False

'-Compare each field in turn, setting the document field to the new value if different and setting
' on 'need to update' flag to signal that something in document has changed and update needed

If ViewDoc.CmName(0) <> CmName Then

ViewDoc.CmName = CmName

IsChg = True

End If

If ViewDoc.CmCity(0) <> CmCity Then

ViewDoc.CmCity = CmCity

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CmGrp(0) <> CmGrp Then

ViewDoc.CmGrp = CmGrp

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CmRgn(0) <> CmRgn Then

ViewDoc.CmRgn = CmRgn

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CcName(0) <> CcName Then

ViewDoc.CcName = CcName

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CcTypeD(0) <> CcTypeD Then

ViewDoc.CcTypeD = CcTypeD

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CcPhone(0) <> CcPhone Then

ViewDoc.CcPhone = CcPhone

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CcPhoneExt(0) <> CcPhoneExt Then

ViewDoc.CcPhoneExt = CcPhoneExt

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CcFax(0) <> CcFax Then

ViewDoc.CcFax = CcFax

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CcPhone800(0) <> CcPhone800 Then

ViewDoc.CcPhone800 = CcPhone800

IsChg = True
End If

If ViewDoc.CcEmail(0) <> CcEmail Then

ViewDoc.CcEmail = CcEmail

IsChg = True
End If

'-Update the new document if anything different

If IsChg = True Then
Call, True, True) 'force save, no conflict doc creation, no unread marks

countupd = countupd + 1

'//chg put keys in log msg
If LogDebug = True Then logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_
+ " updated: " + Str$(CmCustNo) + ", " + CcType + Chr(10)

End If

End If

'-continue loop thru query rcds till reach end of data


'Uncomment this line to do only xx fetches per run when testing. Cannot run delete section

'till this section runs completely or may delete documents that shouldn't get deleted!!!
'If countfetch >= 50 Then Goto Disconnect

Loop Until fields.IsEndOfData

' Delete Processing. Loop thru view to locate any documents that need deleting

'-record time delete process started

logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_
+ " Checking for deletes...." + Chr(10)

'-loop thru view from begin to end

Set ViewDoc = View.GetFirstDocument
Do While Not(ViewDoc Is Nothing)

'-have to get next document in view before deleting this one or won't be able to read next one
' this also constitutes the read of the next document for the loop

Set NextDoc = View.GetNextDocument(ViewDoc)

'-Check if Notes doc ID is in list of documents added or checked for chgs in query processing loop.
' If not there, rcd not longer exists on AS/400, so delete document

If Iselement(docidlist(ViewDoc.NoteId)) = False Then

'//chg put keys in log msg. this transfer logs all deletes. Use Str$ for numbers only
logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_

+ " deleted: " + Str$(ViewDoc.CmCustNo(0)) + "," + ViewDoc.CcType(0) + Chr(10)

'-remove the document
Call ViewDoc.Remove( True )

countdel = countdel + 1

End If

'-Make the next document already read the current document and continue the view loop

'Uncomment this line to do only xx fetches per run when testing
'If countdel >= 1 Then Goto disconnect

Set ViewDoc = NextDoc



' Disconnect. Close the query and connection. Update the log document. Exit procedure


On Error Resume Next


On Error Resume Next

logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_
+ " Successfully disconnected from DB2." + Chr(10)

logDoc.FinishTime = Now

logDoc.Body = logbody

logDoc.Fetch = countfetch

logDoc.Update = countupd

logDoc.Insert = countadd

logDoc.Delete = countdel

Call,True,True) 'force save, no conflict doc, no unread mark

On Error Resume Next

Exit Sub


' Error Handler. Put the error line# and error text into the log file and branch to disconnect and update log doc


logbody = logbody & Str(Now)_
+ " The following LotusScript error has occurred at statement" + Str$(Erl()) + " " + Error$ + Chr(10)

'-turn on error flag in agent log document so '!' appears in view

logDoc.Error = 1

Goto Disconnect

End Sub

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